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Sakshi International is one of the leading hand block printing Manufacturers and exporters in India. Handblock printed cotton fabric is woven with soft combed yarn, then printed with sanganer print to create multicolor and fastne. Sanganeri hand block printing in the latest trend print pattern is appropriate for Indian women, such as salwars, kurtis and shirts. Sanganeri hand block printing fabric gives a soft feel and ethnic appearance.

Sanganeri hand block printing is one of the most attractive way of art in which on a piece a wood varied kinds of design patterns are created and then with the use of colours the designs are imprint on different textiles and fabrics.

So, if you are fascinated to find the hand block printing manufacturers in Jaipur India, then owe it from Sakshi International Pvt. Ltd – who are one of the leading best hand block printing exporters; offering great value for money to many customers.

The process of sanganeri hand block printing is an ancient tradition dating back to 2000 BC. Block printing process can range from a simple, single-color print to complex, multiple color prints. However more than seven colors is more complex print process. Each color is printed from a separate wooden block carved to print that specific pattern. A hand block printed cloth reflects the touch of the human hand and simultaneously the sensibility and skill of the artist craftsman.


Why Choose Sakshi International Pvt. Ltd. to Buy Sanganeri Hand Block Printing Textiles?

As the leading hand block printing manufacturers, The company has earned rave reviews and made a mark in the industry because of the brilliant craftsmanship showcased by its artisans. The company came into existence 45 years ago, and since then there has been no looking back. The proficient craftsmen have the expertise to deliver hand block printed garments displaying intricate and innovative designs. The company offers the facility of providing customized Sanganeri hand block printing textiles as well and that too at a reasonable price.

The Process of Hand Block Printing

Carving the Block : First Step

Craftsman creates the block for a specific design. Indian motifs of various animals, geometric patterns and plants are popular designs. A hand-drawn design is printed on a paper after which it is transferred to the tracing paper which is further transferred on wood piece..Block carving requires years of apprenticeship to gain mastery. The master artisan traces the theme on the Sheesham wood. Chisels and other hand tools are used to carve the block. Sanding and oiling the woodblock is essential before the craftsman works on it. The first block is ‘Rekh’ or outline block which is most intricate and stamped first; then comes the filler blocks( Datta). But when the background block is used in the design than the ‘Gadh’ block is the first block and other blocks are followed for the printing.

Color Mixing and Preparing the Dyes

The color master mixes the basic colors to obtain the desired complex color for final printing. The colors Sakshi International uses AZO free and eco-friendly synthetic colors for the Pigment Printing. The color master mixes about four to five natural primary colours for creating a plethora of dyes/shades. We at Sakshi International use Pantone TPG (Home series) and Telephone Yarn chart reference codes for color matching..

Printing Tray

Then the craftsman pours the color into wooden trays which are further placed on the top of the

printing trolley which is a multi-story tray made of wood and has wheels on it for easy movement and carrying it from one side of the long table to the other. The top is to keep the color and the lowest tray is for keeping the wooden blocks , the rags and brushes to clean the spills etc from time to time.

Printing Process

The artisan dips the block into the tray and stamps it on the fabric firmly to form the repeat pattern. Each color pattern is stamped individually onto the fabric. The art of block printing needs a lot of precision. The intricate artwork makes the fabric look amazing. An unwanted move can result in smudging and uneven print.

Washing and Processing the Fabric

Last Step: After dying of the material, the craftsmen take it to the local rivers for washing. The procedure of hand block printing concludes by drying the fabric in the sun.

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