The Next Big Thing in Hand Block Printed Cover

Hand block printing is a centuries old art form popular in India, China, and many other East Asian countries. It is also referred to simply as “block printing” or “woodblock printing.”

In India, this ancient printing technique utilizes a hand-carved teak wood block that is dipped in dye and stamped by hand onto cotton or silk. The result is truly unique, Hand Block Printed Fabrics Manufacturers that connects us to a rich tradition and history of handmade crafts.

There are two main types of block printing methods used for sakshi fabrics: pigment dyeing, primarily used on a white based fabric as the dye sits on top of the fabric, and reactitive dyeing- used with a dark base fabric as the dye reacts with the fabric and changes the base color of the fabric.

The block printing is the magical blend of artistic craftsmanship and the patience and tenacity of the artisan. The hand-carved wooden block drenched in organic ink leave some unique and ethical design on the fabric. When the ink is properly embedded with the fabric, it does not fade with wash. Though there are many ways to make the print on the textile, the block print is the most ethnic and intriguing process of all. There are different types of wooden blocks on which the designers engrave the design with the utmost care and precision. Then the artisans cover the block with ink or natural dye and then stamp on the fabric. There is no use of brush or stencil in this process.


For best results, we recommend machine washing with mild detergent in cold water and line drying.Wash colors separately. Do not soak block printed fabrics and do not dry them in direct sunlight Get in touch with Sakshi International for the best quality Hand Block Table Cover.

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