Exceptionally an amazing eco-friendly style of textile printing is Block Printing in Jaipur, it is one of the most famous textile art of printing which is done by using wooden blocks. It uses many traditional methods like cloth weaving, dyeing, and even printing which are perfect samples of sustainable practices. Sakshi International in Jaipur sets best example of Hand Block Art and earned thier name as Hand Block Printed Fabrics Manufacturers.  

If you are planning to renovate your interior and searching for Hand Block Table Cover Manufacturers or for Hand Block  Printed Bed Sheets, then your search ends at Sakshi International. Hand Block Printing is that textile printing technique which is getting its fame not only in India but it’s throughout the world. 

The method -A systematic or technically correct method of printing textiles involves a detailed step-by-step procedure. In textile printing, the fabric is printed with natural colors like plants, fruit, etc. and blocks that are made from wood, linoleum, or rubber, although the traditional method also includes good quality wood. Talented artisans uses hand-carve technique to design which need to be printed into blocks of wood. Depending on the selection of your preferred sort of hand block carving, each woodblock takes hours to carve the wood perfectly.

Once the carving is done, the printed piece of fabric is used to place on the table, and stick with pins to make it stay stable. Later the simple process of printing fabric takes place and prints different designs on the fabric using natural and bright colors. Once the process is done and dried, the fabric is then washed and dry under the sun.

The specialty that sets apart -In the decade of machinery, creating a gorgeous design on fabric that too by hand means tons . These are produced with proper care and require a good skillful approach. Though, hand block fabrics technique have this special quality which only few other designs can replicate. The technique of printing has evolved over centuries, but most of the first methods remain same.

When it involves Hand Block Table Cover manufacturers, you’ll see how intricate the work is while experiencing it closely on Block Printing Workshop Jaipur. Learn the artistic talent of printing textiles from the renowned experience artists themselves. They make use of natural colors of natural products like vegetables and fruits. It is a success and celebration of ecological integrity, plants, nature, and people are closely involved in each step. The designs get printed on the fabric which usually includes the design of plants, animals, and human culture. Thus, hand block printing is totally an environmentally friendly process of dyeing fabric in several designs.

Block Printing in Rajasthan has been in practice amd famous since the 5th century and this art has been evolved for years. If you are someone interested in learning more about this art, choosing a sakshi international which will be the best way to have a closer experience of it. So, book your Block Printing tour in Jaipur and encourage the art of textile printing.

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