The Art of Hand Block Printing

In the 21st Century, modern business organisations not add isolation. Their activities have an impact on consumers, shareholders, suppliers, employees and therefore the society at large. Corporations depend upon society and draw from society within the sort of roads, educated workforce, railways, electricity, water resources and land. Thus, it’s their duty to contribute to the society too.

Accordingly, the most objective of corporations is not any longer profit maximization. In today’s age of corporate ethics development, it’s the responsibility of organisations to properly utilize the resources for the event of the community. there’s a pressing got to specialise in accountability on the a part of corporations not only on what’s important for the shareholders but the society as an entire . this is often what has led to the emergence of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).Sakshi International team joined hand together to try to to an activity on woodblock printing.

The activity was focused on Women & Men empowerment, understanding the basics of the organization and to try to to Hand Block Table Cover Manufacturers on cotton bags. this tiny contribution in India’s social development stand with the vision of.- to supply a chance to the volunteers to showcase their creativity and skills for the advantage of the society.- To rejuvenates the normal art of handprints with improved technology in natural dyeing and handprint techniques.- to understand about the community service and therefore the skill development training of workers.- to market the Reduce Reuse and Recycle by using the printed cotton bag.- Social impact being created by our organization.

The volunteer learned about the organisation-SSMI their work on providing Nutritional Support to Primary Education a Centrally Sponsored Scheme, popularly referred to as the Mid-Day Meals Scheme, worked within the field of education, Building awareness and community involvement, Training and building capacities to the area people , working within the field of vocational education encouraging the utilization of cotton instead using polyethene and the way they encourage traditional way of printing by using block printing.

With a basic objective the activity of girls & men empowerment on various aspects of handicrafts, were benefitted to volunteers, workers also because the organization. This initiative rejuvenates the normal art of handprints with improved technology in natural dyeing and handprint techniques on fabrics ranging hosiery to silk, crape, jute, cotton and tussar and improve this levels of income.

Traditionally, in India, Hand Block Printed Fabrics Manufacturers is dominated by men. Through this project, many ladies get trained as both artisans and designers. In India, women play an important role in both craft production and style across all disciplines. This legacy are going to be continued through this block print project which is devoted to providing vocational trading to the poor local families.

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