Hand Block Ladies Printed Stoles

Hand Block Ladies Printed Stoles are fashionable ethnic wear that is available in an array of patterns, colours, prints, and fabrics. Dupatta is the shaw-like scarf that comes from the Sanskrit words; ‘du’ (twined) and ‘Patta’ ( cloth strip). It is worn to complete the Indian attire ‘salwar kameez’ or kurta.

Sakshi International Offers a Variety of Stoles and Dupattas

Sakshi International Pvt. Ltd. offers a wide range of Hand Block Ladies Printed Stoles exporters and manufacturers in different prints and colours. It is a customer-centric company, and customer satisfaction is its prime goal. As a result, the company makes use of eco-friendly dyes, which will not fade away quickly. The dupattas and stoles the company offers are of vibrant hues such as sky blue, tomato red, grass green, etc. and prints such as Bagru, Dabu (mud resist) and Pigment.

The company offers both standard and customized size and designs of stole and dupattas at a fair price. Competitive pricing, in-vogue styles and patterns, promptly delivery, and a wide range of prints and patterns are responsible for the overwhelming success of the company.


  • Eye-catching hand-block prints in innovative designs and patterns
  • Garments are washable by hands or machine
  • Eco-friendly dyes for colouring the dupattas and stoles
  • Garbs are available in standard and customized sizes, designs, and patterns.
  • Hand Block Ladies Printed Stoles manufacturers are of superior quality