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    India is one of the most popular countries in the world that excels in the art of hand block printing. The quality, richness, and variety of the handloom industry in India have always remained incredibly beautiful. The expert hand block printing manufacturers design unique textiles and rich weaves which have successfully grabbed the attention of various companies in the international market.

    What Is Hand Block Printing?

    It is a type of woodcut printing used on various types of fabrics to create amazing patterns and designs on them. The fabrics which get usually used for this type of printing include linen, cotton and silk. It is traditional art form of India which mainly gets practised in the places of Gujarat and Jaipur.
    It is quite a slow process of designing various fabrics and gets done by the artisans using their hands. The blocks used of printing get made using linoleum, wood and rubbers. It is quite a colourful art form which looks extremely beautiful when crafted on clothes, bedcovers, table cloths and much more.

    Process Involved In Block Printing By Hand Block Printed Fabric Manufacturers:

    The technique involved in hand block printing is not an easy one. It is matter of team work and skills and also requires a lot of patience on the part of the artisans. Firstly, the wood carvers design the blocks giving them different sizes and shapes. Then air is allowed to pass through the blocks and then dyed. Next step is the fabric arrangement. Several jute taut layers get spread over the table to secure the fabric to the blocks.

    Products That Get Designed Using Hand Block Printing:

    Today, there are so many reputed hand block printed fabric manufacturers who use this art form to design various types of articles. The list here includes some of the most popular items that have hand block prints on them:

    1. Bags
    2. Bedspreads
    3. Bedding sets
    4. Dupattas
    5. Curtains
    6. Fashion garments
    7. Sarees
    8. Quilts
    9. Dress materials
    10. Fashion accessories

    You can mix and match several outfits and pair them with the best-suited accessories to get ready for any event. Traditional garments having hand block prints on them look extremely gorgeous on Indian women.
    The demand for these types of sarees and dress materials are also quite huge in foreign countries. The customers abroad love the colourful and ethnic designs that get crafted on the garments.

    Rajasthan Connects With Hand Block Printing Manufacturers:

    Block printing always has a thriving presence in the city of Rajasthan. The place has a huge collection of textiles having this art form printed on them. People visit from several parts of the country and even abroad to witness the excellence of the artisans here.
    Starting from birds, flowers, geometrical, and figurative shapes, block-printing gets done in Rajasthan in multiple forms. These prints look extremely appealing on dyed, white or indigo backgrounds.
    Moreover, these products are eco-friendly and get purely handmade. As such, the local handicrafts of India are getting flourished day by day with the hard work of the artisans. Sakshi International is one such name in the Jaipur market that excels in hand block printing.
    Our company has a fascinating catalogue of products to showcase to the customers and even ship their products in the international markets. You can get the best quality fabrics, garments, and various kitchen accessories at their e-store.