Block Printing – A Traditional Fabric Art that make people impressed

When you see beautiful and unique things, the feeling that is created in you is priceless. For more than 2000 years, Indian textile art has been known as one of the most innovative fields in the world. The hand block printing designs are one of the shining gems of this crown. It is believed that this designing process originated in China, but now this fabric printing procedure is used all over the world. Many people are using hand block fabric as their daily using material as Hand Block Printed Bed Sheets, table-cover, curtain, sharee, Kurti, etc. 


 Block printing is a designing process by which fabrics are made more attractive by printing on them through the wooden block. Once upon a time, Block printing has been practiced in rural hamlets on fabrics like sarees, bed sheets, dupatta, turbans. But now, a better day of block printing is coming. Hand block printing is the most popular forms of this printing process. 

Apart from the appearance, what other things that makes the hand blog print so popular: 

  • Quality

The fabric used by the Hand Block Printed Fabrics manufacturers is made with100% cotton. So it is highly comfortable, durable, and easy to wear. 

  • Comfortable

Hand block printed bed sheets and table cloth manufacturers always use 100% cotton fabric is made with natural dyes. So it is environmentally friendly, comfortable, and hypo-allergic to your body. Cotton is a cool material and is not too heavy, so you can feel comfortable even in hot climates with this fabric. It is another reason that makes the Hand Block Printed Fabrics popular. 

  • Stylish

Instead of plain and typical polka dots and plaids, the hand block printed fabrics features beautiful and attractive but traditional Indian patterns that are both stylish and striking. It comes in a varieties of shades and colors ranging from pastel aqua to vibrant blue. The Hand Block Table Cover and Table cloths become your friends and pride of the family. Whatever the style is, it will add vitality, warmth, and abundant beauty to your home decor. 

  • Unique

The Hand Block Printed Fabrics manufacturers generally use the Indian dyeing and wood-block printing techniques invented ago by a tribe named Chipaas who lives in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan. The Unique Indian patterns like floral patterns, animal motifs of fish, birds, elephants, etc., are hand-printed to create a truly unique home decor piece that you won’t find anywhere. 

  • Easy To Care For

Hand Block Printed fabrics are machine-washable using mild detergents. To wash it, you have to avoid bleach and hot water. You need to run drier on mild temperatures to preserve the vibrant colors for a long time. So you have to give minimal effort to care about it. 

  • Handmade

All hand block prints are created by infusing various patterns, distinctive hues, and textures in their style and beauty. These prints are created using hand and rendered by individual artists, so slight imperfections are common, but these imperfections lend a unique identity to each piece. These fine arts pieces can create warmth and aging charm around them that can easily attract vast art lovers.  All Products of Hand Block Printed Fabrics Manufacturers are highly popular as home decor pieces such as beddings, bed sheets, pillows cover, curtain, cushions cover, and other things. These are quite different from the products you usually purchase from local malls and shops. You cannot find any life on the products produced in factories. The Hand Block Printed Fabrics manufacturers always keep the factors on their mind. An artist can make thousands of pieces within some days, but you can’t see the two pieces are the same. Uniqueness is its main criteria. And people have adopted hand block print to find it.

It is the rare skill of artists that they bring life to each design and draw a unique traditional story in each piece of the fabric. Art lovers have repeatedly fallen in love with the rare, great, and unique designs that give the materials a unique look.

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