About us

Sakshi International is a manufacturer, wholesaler, supplier and exporter in one. We produce a large number of items for Jaipur Blue Pottery and Hand Block printing. Not only do we manufacture our products, but we also provide workshops for hand block printing in Jaipur.

Keeping this idea in minds, Sakshi International Pvt. Ltd has established themselves as one of the most prominent providers of block printing products. Here we offer our customers with a variety of designs and patterns for products done with block prints.

Art and culture is a part of every country, and people must withhold the culture and make their country proud. There are different kinds of printings on textiles that have been existent for a long time. Whether it is block printing or other modern styles of printing, the major thing to keep in mind is to maintain the quality of the art.

Keeping this idea in minds, Sakshi International Pvt. Ltd has established themselves as one of the most prominent providers of block printing products. Here we offer our customers with a variety of designs and patterns for products done with block prints.

We have highly trained and knowledgeable craftsmen who are very proficient in this work. We manufacture our work with extreme dedication and focus on precision, elegance, and creativity. This is not a business for us, but a way to showcase our culture and craftsmanship. Customers buy our products for themselves or even for gifting on special occasions.

With its inception 45 years earlier, Sakshi International has become a household name for people in and outside of Jaipur. This established was initiated by Late Mr. Madan Doraya, who had once served as our mentor and guide.

Since then, our organization has tried to carry on his legacy by hiring only the best craftsmen and paying great attention to the quality of our products. We ensure that our works speak louder than our words and that we may never disappoint the foundation that had been laid so wonderfully by our late mentor Mr. Madan Doraya.

We offer a very artistic and cultural environment for our artists who come to work with us. This helps them pour out their imagination and creativity onto the products that they manufacture for us. With years of hard work, we have achieved an excellent stable financial position.

This helps us to form a long line of products so that we can match the uproar of demand of our esteemed customers. We also produce customized products for our customers by asking then the complete specifications of what they want. Our satisfaction comes from the smile that we see on the face of our customers when they get our products.

We currently deliver our products all around the world. No matter where you stay, you would be able to get a fantastic range of products. You can relax after having placed your order with us. We must see that the product reaches you on time and in the perfect condition.

We focus on three major things in our business, which are delivered on time, quality, and genuine products. Keeping these three crucial things in our mind, we embark on our journey to spread the culture and art of our country and to expand the vision of our mentor.

“Our mission is to provide complete satisfaction to our customers with the best quality products which are delivered on time. Together with the help of our customers, we will be able to grow much more and satisfy the growing needs of our customers.”


The Range of Products:-

There are two main sections of products that we manufacture and sell in our establishment. Under these two ranges of products, there are other subcategories, which are the items that you would find:

Block Print:
Home furnishing items such as bed sheets, bed covers, cushions, curtains, table covers, cotton quilts, and others. Fashion apparel such as fabrics, suit sets, sarees, and dupattas of different materials such as cotton, chanderi, and others are also available with us.

Jaipur Blue Pottery:
Animal figures, bathroom sets, beer mugs, alphabets, ashtrays, beads, bowls. Candle stands, mugs, jewellery, boxes, coasters, jars, doorknobs, plates, pots, trays, lamps, planters, tiles, vases, and others

Apart from the items that are mentioned above, you will also find many other ranges of items that would surely grab your attention towards our craft and art. These items under the two major categories have received worldwide acceptance and appreciation, which is a great motivation for us and our craftsmen who give it all their time and energy.


Our head office is located at Sanganer in Jaipur, which is where we also have our display studio. Our studio for hand block print is located in Jaipur. We have three production units which are located at Jagatpura, Muhana Mandi Road and Sanga Setu Road in Jaipur.

These three in-house units are the ones that deal with the manufacturing of Jaipur blue pottery and hand block printing products. All of the manufactured and finished goods are stored in the units that are located at Ajmer Road and Sanganer. We have a well-connected logistics team which ensures that all the items of our customers are delivered at the right time.

Our Team

We have a team of members who are equipped with an attitude that states that they will make everything possible. Our craftsmen are very dedicated in their work and handle even the bulk orders with extreme ease and precision.

We have around 30 people who are skilled artisans and 8 individual who supervise and manage our staff. Apart from these, we have contractual artisans who are hired based on the demand and orders that we get from time to time.

Quality Assurance

Quality is one of the major concerns of establishment, and we take great care in ensuring that all our products pass the quality test. We do not compromise with our materials and give only the best to our customers. The raw materials with which we manufacture our goods are of the best quality and taken from vendors who are authorized for these products. All of our products go through a rigorous quality check from the time that the raw materials enter our firm. We follow strict guidelines which comply with the legal standards of our industry. All the products of the hand block print are ensured with the following terms:

*Colour fastness.
*Colour that is skin and environment-friendly
*Ready to use and shrink free
*100% authentic hand block print

Certificate of ISO 9001:2015 (Processing, Manufacturing, and Export of Hand Block Printing Textiles and Garments, Blue Pottery and Handicraft items).

◉ Certificate of compliance OHSAS 18001:2007 by Eurocert Certifications (UK) ltd.
◉ Certificate of Incorporation (MCA)
◉ IEC certificate
◉ REX registration by DGFT of India
◉ MSME Data Bank Registered
◉ EPCH Member
◉ Received letter of appreciation from Former US President Mr. Bill Clinton and Mrs. Hillary Clinton, his wife
◉ Listed in Aruko, a Japanese guide book
◉ Awarded Global Excellence Awards 2018 for Best Hand Block Printed Textile Manufacturer

Why us?

*Exceptionally high-quality service and quality of products.
*Our fabrics used are aimed at providing comfort and high utility.
*A great workforce and strong infrastructure.
*We offer customized products for bulk orders.
*A great workforce and strong infrastructure
*We have provision for customized products when orders are given in bulk
*We have timely delivery of our products
*We have easy methods of payments

Key Management

Mr. Pushpendra Doraya (Director): :

Mr. Doraya has an MS in Finance (ICFAI University) and a Masters in Business Management. Mr. Doraya also has charter designation CFS from ICFAI University. He has years of knowledge in the handicraft industry. Being the son of Late Mr. Madan Doraya, he has received the excellent practice of the craft since he was young. This has been a major contributing factor to the success of the company.

Mr. Devendra Doraya (Director):

He is the second son of Late Mr. Madan Doraya and has received the same craft lessons as his brother. He holds a degree in M. Tech and LLB and has provided his training to around 10,000 students till date.

Mr. Praveen Kumawat (Director):

Mr. Praveen has expertise in promotion and direct selling along with the art of blue pottery. He has been quite instrumental for our organization in spreading the knowledge of blue pottery art. Mr. Praveen Kumawat has a degree in MBA from JNU.

Mr. Deependra Kumawat (Director):

Mr. Deependra has been aligned with the handcrafted business from his childhood and hence holds a grave knowledge about the field. He holds a graduate degree in commerce.

Mr. Manoj Kumawat (Director):

Mr. Manon has been an apprentice under Mr. Kailash Chand Kumawat, who is his father and Late Mr. Madan Doraya due to his passion towards the craft. He is an International Business Management graduate from IIIM. He currently works in several international projects related to the art forms of hand block printing and blue pottery.

Work Places

Registered Office and Blue Pottery Store
105, Laxmi Colony, Near Nagar Nigam Stadium Sanganer, Jaipur 302029

Factory (Blue Pottery)
Laxmi Colony, Near Nagar Nigam Stadium Sanganer, Jaipur

Factory (Block Printing)
Heerayali Ka Khawda, Muhana Maud, Diggi Malpura Road, Sanganer, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302029

Studio ( Block Printing Textiles)
1st Floor Jaipur Blue Pottery Art Center, Amer Road, Near Jain Mandir, Opp Hotel Regis, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302002